MSA Advantage 1000 Riot Control Canisters 6/Box


  • The Gas Mask must be used with appropriate canister(s) to provide respiratory protection.
  • When properly used, the gas mask provides protection against specific contaminates.
  • The gas mask is NIOSH approved for CS, Chlorobenzylidene Malononitrile, CN, Chloroacetophenone and all particulate aerosols including oil-based aerosols as listed on the canister label.
  • During inhalation, all air is drawn through the canister removing or neutralizing the contaminants.
  • The inhalation valves open and the exhalation valve remains closed to prevent contaminated air from entering the facepiece.
  • During exhalation, the exhalation valves open and the inhalation valve(s) close to prevent exhaled air from passing back through the canister.
  • The exhalation valve permits exhaled air to exit the gas mask.
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